martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Description of URBE

The Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University is located in the northern city of Maracaibo, Zulia state, Venezuela, with a modern physical infrastructure and quality services. (59,471 m ² of construction).
The URBE classrooms not only for the development of Undergraduate and Postgraduate but different spaces for cultural and sports activities, for which the courts have softball, football games, volleyball, basketball, and areas such as dance halls , theater, recording studio and stays for thematic exhibitions. The city has computer labs, electronics, machining and telecommunications, photography, television, English, and graphic design workshops.
The Library Dr. Nektarios Andrade Labarca, with its various spaces, offers students and general public benefits consulting and research texts, to which has areas, such as study rooms, music library, reference room, library and query modules for full-text review of thesis.
Also, administrative and academic areas are located in the classroom blocks and the Chancellor's building in the latter is the Oral Trial Chamber and the University Auditorium.
University Campus is located on television [TV URBE], and the FM station [96.3 FM Stereo URBE].
Besides the different areas of study, services have cafes that are in the vicinity of the University sports fields.
It also has 18,258 parking area.

How to enrollment at URBE

Web through / preregistration paying by credit card Visa or Master Card.
Go to the home of the university. Cancel the amount of Rs. 200.00 by way of pre-registration in any licensed banking institutions or in the home of the University, by debit or credit card (Visa or Master Card), to which must be present the card holder mentioned.
With proof of bank deposit, debit card or credit card, remove the information module located in the Bill of pre Rector.
After filling the pre-registration Form, consígnela with bank deposit or proof of payment and a photocopy of his identity card in the box rector for validation. For control and safety measures are urged not to attend with children during the registration process or your principal.

Steps to Enrollment

After canceling (in banking institutions approved) the cost of the initial term or the same as the method of payment selected, follow these steps:
In control study
Submit the following documents:

Black background of Bachelor's degree (bring original to confront).
Certified Copy of High School Notes 7th to 5th Year in coded format: RR-DEA-03-03. (Bring the original to confront)
Form to be enrolled in the National Register of the National Higher Education Admissions.
Photocopy of identity card extended to 120.
Photocopy of birth certificate. (Bring the original to confront).
Pre-registration Form and proof of bank deposit for the payment of the initial period or, as the payment method selected.
Two photos from the front, passport.
2 In the case of the Rectory
Submit the registration form and proof of bank deposit.
Cancel Bs.F. 100.00 per student card concept.
Cancel Bs.F. 25.00 per student for insurance.
University Identification
With the validated Registration Form box and receipt for the student card, contact the University Identification Department for processing.

viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

1. Wash your hands before touching your food. 
2. Don't speak with your mouth full. 
3. Lock the doors when you get home. 
4. Phone me, if you have any problems. 
5. Clean all the mess after painting. 
6. Tell me what to do. 
7. Don't scare the animals.

Description of where i live

I live in a nice apartment building behind the church San Alfonso. 69th street residence Raffy sector Santa Maria, across from the Limpia 
avenue, three blocks from ST. Angela school, there are wide sidewalks, and there is some traffic and my neighbors are nice.

martes, 3 de julio de 2012

My Family

 my family is a very very traditional . My parents are divorced. my mom is public accountant, My dad is businessman. My father remarried so I have one other sister, and two brethren, One of my sisters is a grafic design student in urbe

Nontraditional Families becoming more traditional

By Sally Worsham (July 15, 2009)
In the story the family consisted of parents and children, at least two per couple, the divorce rate was very low and homosexuals had no idea of ​​raising children, adoption was something out of a fiction film.
In the course of time everything has changed society has become accepting of homosexuals and divorce have increased more.
Now the decision is more common, even artists joined the adoption.
The Billings, adopted 13 children all with special problems, including autism and Down syndromes, and although it remains difficult to explain to children about their adoption is not a secret.


One man was killed after the owner of a jewelry store in Machiques, who had been robbed.

According to family commented, the deceased identified as Ronald de Jesus Gutierrez Polanco, 28, fled after the robbery along with his brother, named Christian, and a friend, named Ramiro, who was injured in the incident.

"The guys went to rob the jewelry store, located in the center of Machiques, they left with the clothes on a motorcycle, the owner  shot them up, and Ronald was shot in the back. He fell once and then received another shot in the neck, the other two took the stuff and left him. "

It was learned that Ronald had been imprisoned on several occasions, the last time was 15 days ago, at the lock of La Villa.

His body was taken to the morgue of LUZ.


Is likely that Ronald de Jesus Polanco was kleptomaniac, as it has been several times in prison and has not changed his attitude.

I doubt that his brother and his friend does not have the same condition of kleptomaniacs.

I bet they will do it again.

It is unlikely that they steal out for necessity